Hapkido Self Defense Schools Etowah

Welcome to the Hapkido Self Defense Schools blog. The purpose of this site is to tell you about the most qualified martial arts schools in the Hendersonville, Etowah, North Carolina. area.

This blog is proudly sponsored by World Martial Arts Media and the Korea Hapkido Federation Haemukwan.

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Master Darren Norris
Ph: 828-388-0635
125 Etowah Center Drive,
Etowah, NC 28729

What is Hapkido? Hapkido is a Korean self defense martial art with roots in Jujitsu. It is the Korean cousin of Aikido. Some people call Hapkido the first mixed martial arts because it combines aspects of Karate, Jujitsu and Aikido.

Why You Should Choose This Hapkido School by Grand Master K.P. Lee, Shihung, South, Korea

For the traditional Korean self defense art of Hapkido, the problem is not so much choosing a school. It is finding a qualified school certified by the World Headquarters in Korea. If your purpose is to learn a traditional self defense martial art, you may very well learn that finding a proper school is something of a task, if not a quest. This site was created to assist you in that quest.

Call 828-388-0635 to schedule your special visit!

hapkido self defense schools hendersonville

Master Darren Norris, Self Defense Expert

Remember that a school of any kind is a place of learning and that experience of the teachers in very important. This is especially true of martial arts schools. The Hapkido self defense school located in Hendersonville has a master instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience. He has been featured in leading martial arts magazines, radio shows and guest appearances on the World Martial Arts TV Show. He is a multiple Hall of Fame Award Winner and family man. His name is Master Darren Norris.

world martial arts tv

Master Norris from his World Martial Arts TV Show Appearances

You are planning to enter into an educational experience. It may interest you to know that Master Norris is the only Hapkido instructor in the state of NC licensed by the World Hapkido Headquarters in Seoul, Korea. He holds official master level ranks from Korea in Hapkido, Hankido, YuSool (Korean Jujitsu) and KyukKumSool (Korean Sword). He was featured in the martial arts documentary “The Warrior’s Quest” and conducts the Official National Annual Black Belt Exam in May of each year.

darren norris on the cover of World Martial Arts Magazine

Master Darren Norris was a featured Cover Story on World Martial Arts Magazine

As one of the leading Hapkido and self defense experts in this country Master Darren Norris is a noted columnist for World Martial Arts Magazine. Each issue features an exciting article by Master Norris. His articles focus on the topics of Self Defense, Hapkido and other martial art schools related subject. Master Norris is the United States Representative for the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association. He is also the host and instructor of their annual Martial Arts Weapons Certification Course each year.

To schedule your special visit to the the martial arts school in Etowah, North Carolina call 828-388-0635 or visit his website at: http://masterdarrennorris.com

Master Darren Norris
Ph: 828-388-0635
125 Etowah Center Drive,
Etowah, NC 28729


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